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Beaches in American Samoa

American Samoa
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On this group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean you will find the most amazing beaches and enjoy in natural beauties that American Samoa has to offer. The combination of the fine smooth sand and surrounding greenery is blending perfectly with pristine waters. The weather here is warm throughout the whole year and rich sea life gives you the opportunity to enjoy in various water activities. The beautiful beaches of American Samoa are mainly unorganized still not ruined by the modernization. The atmosphere here exudes with calmness and this is definitely the place where you can unwind, relax and enjoy in this rare gift of nature.  

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Freddies Beach American Samoa 1

Freddies Beach

Freddies beach is situated on Tutulia Island in American Samoa. That is the western part of this territory. Tutulia Island is known for its curving coastline with stunning coves and bays. This is a…

South Ofu Beach American Samoa 1 South Ofu Beach American Samoa 2 South Ofu Beach American Samoa 3

South Ofu Beach

South Ofu beach is situated on the Manu’a Islands in American Samoa. Like all the beaches in American Samoa, South Ofu beach also stands out in its natural beauty. This natural beach is just…

Alega Beach American Samoa 2 Alega Beach American Samoa 1 Alega Beach American Samoa 3

Alega Beach

This beach in located in Eastern region in American Samoa and it comes out on the South Pacific Ocean. This beautiful, a bit secluded, natural beach is covered with fine white sand. The waters are…